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All About Touch Screen Displays

A touch screen is a fundamental input device like a mouse. Your finger on the display screen does all the functions a mouse pointer does.

Interestingly, a touch screen can be used for most computer applications. If you have a touch screen display for your home computer, you will probably never need a mouse again. You can also get more benefits with smart screen displays via

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The technology is somewhat comparable to that used in touch pads in laptops and other computing systems. Currently, touch screens are more popular for commercial uses like touch screen kiosks and at customer support desks.

There are various kinds of touch screens. Podium touch screens, touch panels, touch kiosks and touch screen monitors are some of the many varieties of display overlays that use the touch screen technology. The technology behind touch screens is complex. 

These touch sensitive displays use resistive, capacitive, photosensitive, or acoustically sensitive technology. Touch-sensation is the basis of resistive technology whereas capacitive technology works through electrical sensitivity. 

On the other hand, photosensitive touch screens operate through infrared rays and acoustic touch screens operate on the principles or surface acoustic wave.

Touch screens are very popular in the retail environment. Here, they are useful for providing information to customers. Touch screens are attractive and customers can use them without much technical knowledge. 

Touch screens are getting very popular as a friendlier input device. Even gaming systems and smart-phones use touch screens. The technology is quite advanced but touch screens are more expensive than regular display systems so their usage is currently limited to the commercial segment only.