Features of 3M Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

New products have been designed to protect the paint from such effects. 3M or PPF bra paint protection film is a fully transparent film that is applied over paint to protect it from the above-mentioned effects.

This transparent film is usually applied to the highest impact zone of the vehicle – the most likely to be damaged. This is very durable and comes with several practical advantages that make it more desirable than other protective films such as a leather bra.

This film can also be applied to vehicle headlights. This 3m protection film is suitable for applications on any surface that needs to be protected from scratches and collisions.

It is suitable for all types of vehicles, ships, and even airplanes. According to many reviewers, the paint protection provided by the clear bra is unmatched on the market.

PPF is very easy to implement. Some customers prefer to trust their vehicles in the hands of a professional. The alternative is to choose a cellular PPF installer, which allows the placement of films on the car in the home setting.

Audi Q7 full hood getting protected with Suntek Ultra paint protection film / clear bra

This clear bra paint protection film is in the form of a roll. The clear adhesive side makes it easy to attach the film to the surface of the car. Each roll has a certain size that ranges from six to about 60 inches in width. This film is suitable for special cuts so that it matches the specified car parts.

Most often, professionals will apply PPF to car zones which are mostly affected by impacts and flying particles (gravel, sand, etc.) during movement. Some parts of this car include the hood, bumpers, headlights, side mirrors, fenders, headlights, and fog lamps.

This film is fully transparent and will make the appearance of your vehicle unaffected. At the same time, this layer is very tough. This will maintain transparency, not yellow as time goes on. In addition, a clear bra film can be polished for a shinier and more sophisticated appearance.

The clear paint protection film is probably the most practical and useful development in this market today. A leather bra needs to be removed every time you decide to wash the car.

They must also be lowered in case of bad weather and cold. The bug shield, on the other hand, interferes with the car's aerodynamic design.