Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a revolutionary new treatment for baldness. It's flexible and can be used with hair transplant surgery, or as an independent remedy for thinning hair.

Many hair transplant surgeons are already using this technology in their own hair replacement surgery, and because the specialist presentations to over 400 surgeons in the ISHRS summit in July, many more will soon begin using the procedure. By visiting our site you can get all details about cell counting kit.

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

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PRP therapy is done in 3 stages. First, a quantity of blood between 60-100ml is taken from the individual and centrifuged. The fraction which comprises the most platelets and growth factors is then removed and retained.

The platelet-rich fraction might be divided and one part lysed to release more growth factors when coupled with another whole-platelet element. This excess treatment is claimed to improve the effects of PRP treatment, particularly for hair loss.

Second, the scalp is stimulated to trigger the wound healing process. This procedure has to be activated in order to use the development factors and platelets which PRP therapy gives. Previously PRP activation required to be completed with one needle.

100's of punctures are essential for the activation step, and thus using one needle was impractical and led to the patient considerable amounts of pain. Now, a new product called the Scalp roller made by Nangana is popular for the activation step.

The Scalp roller is a microneedle roller coaster which uses 192 unique titanium needles to open skin to the exact same depth every moment, and as it uses less pressure it causes less pain. As the Scalp roller is wrapped over the entire scalp, it conserves the surgeon time also.