Things to Remember in Cleaning Oriental Rugs

A carpet is a thing of beauty and oriental rugs add that charm to any room that you put it in. But maintaining your carpets is also important to extend their life and keep them in good condition. Oriental rugs cleaning could be performed after per year and may be achieved by a specialist.

Cleaning these rugs in the home is usually not recommended because of the delicate nature of those rugs. For more information about Oriental rug cleaning, visit

Things to Remember in Cleaning Oriental Rugs

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The color of the fiber used, the natural oils within the fiber along with the weaving techniques could be permanently damaged if wool carpets are cleaned with quite harsh detergents.

When to Clean Wool Rugs

A rug could be washed once per year if it's in a place which doesn't see much traffic. Carpets that are placed in high traffic areas have to be cleaned twice per year.

The most straightforward way to know whether your carpet is prepared for cleaning is by rubbing your hands against it for approximately ten minutes and should they come out filthy or when you've dusting flying it is certainly time to get a cleaning.

Professional Rug Cleaning Services

A professional cleaning service is recommended in regards to cleaning your oriental and antique rugs. An experienced individual understands the maintenance that a carpet needs when it's being cleaned.

This is particularly true you may choose your carpet back to the seller who sold it to you. The majority of them also provides cleaning solutions and is liable even when something goes wrong during the cleanup procedure.