The Pros and Cons of Various Mobile Phone Batteries

Cellphone batteries are very important for all types of cellphones. Without a battery, the phone will not work. It is also important to ensure that the battery quality is good so that it can make the life of the phone longer. This is the reason that some companies try different actions to provide the best handset battery to the user.

The basic types of cell phone batteries available on the market generally have advantages and disadvantages. However, it depends on you to decide which battery will best suit your mobile needs.  

Lithium Polymer Battery:

It consists of the most advanced technology and perhaps the most sophisticated mobile battery to date. It weighs very light and doesn't suffer any memory effects. You can purchase the best lithium polymer battery through or can search for various other online sources. They can produce 40% more than the same size Nickel Metal Hybrid batteries. But these batteries are thinner, lighter and very rarely available.

Lithium-Ion Battery:

This type of battery for handsets is currently the most popular. This is a little lighter but this battery life is quite long.

However, they are very expensive and are generally supplied with high-tech cellphones. This battery can be damaged if recharged continuously for more than 24 hours.

The technology used in nickel-cadmium batteries is quite old and almost obsolete. This is a rechargeable cellphone battery that most people know.  

This battery suffers from memory effects. Damage can occur if it is not completely discharged before being refilled. As a result, the disposal of waste produced from cadmium-rich batteries is a big problem for both the environment and the nation.