Potential Side Effects Of Taking Opioids

Advances in science and biochemistry have resulted in the creation of new drugs was fantastic countless and drugs. It seems that no matter what your ailment, it can be fixed with a pill. Whether you're manic, depressed, angry, sad, sleeping or sleeping too much, there is a pill to help regulate your behavior.

One of the most popular forms of prescribed drugs are opioids, or pain medication. Small pills such as OxyContin and Vicodin are highly effective in controlling pain, but also can have harsh side effects. If you take them? What are some side effects? Here's our analysis. It can destroy the lives of so many people. If it will be taken in pregnancy then it can also make opioid dependent infants and children.

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f you become opioid dependent during pregnancy, your baby could experience the drug withdrawal syndrome known as neonatal abstinence syndrome.  There are many symptoms that suggest your body reacts negatively to the new drug, and one of them is difficulty breathing.

Because the chemicals involved with opioids, respiratory depression may occur where you have to fight to attract as many breaths as before. This is one reason doctors always start with small doses so that they can capture such a reaction before it becomes too severe.

Another reaction is the potential for constipation, because of the effects of opioids has been at the nerve endings in your intestines. Many doctors encourage their patients to be proactive about constipation, urging them to start taking laxatives immediately so as to avoid developing this problem.