How to Choose the Perfect Wine for a Perfect Date Night?


Romance and wine shine when it comes to a perfect date. Wines help to warm the heart and loose the tongue which is what one expects during a date. So, if you have asked your sweetheart on a date, follow these tips in picking up the best bottle of wine.

  • Bubbly –Since wines come in various different types and forms, you don’t want to rush. Start selecting with a sparkling wine consisting of crisp acidity with the bubbles that helps to clean the palate and give you that good feeling. This will help you to reduce that stress and make it a wonderful experience for you both.
  • Ask – You don’t need to feel shy. Instead, ask your date what kind of wine they like with a few set of questions. If you date prefers a white wine, then ask them whether they like full body or less? More aromatic or less? If red is their preference, then ask them whether they prefer a delicate wine or more robust? The answers to these questions will give you the perfect head-start to your date.
  • Work it Out –Decide on the food you’re going to cook for your date. If its fish, then obviously white wine makes a lot of sense. However, if you’re going to cook meat, then Cabernet Sauvignon goes absolutely fantastic. Note that – you want to choose a wine that compliments the food and not the other way around.
  • Don’t Overthink on the Price – Since it’s a date, you need to understand that you will be shelling out some amount for the food and wine. And if it’s a special occasion, then be ready to shell a little extra as wine prices differ based on the type and origin.

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